Hey, friends, ARE YOU FEELING BURNT OUT? Me, too! Need some support? Me, too. Do…

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Hey, friends, ARE YOU FEELING BURNT OUT? Me, too!
Need some support? Me, too.
Do you want to spend an hour or two this weekend getting energized and fueled up for the fight by some brilliant veteran activists with creative, effective, powerful strategies? ME, TOO!
Experienced trainers and organizers from our friends at Housing Works (an AIDS service and activist organization) and the Center for Popular Democracy (a national network of community organizing groups), are helping set up a nationwide network of people who are linked up, trained up and ready to get face-time with their Members of Congress at in-district town halls and other public meetings.
The organizers will then track calendars of town hall events and other opportunities and let us know when we have a chance locally to speak truth to power. Organizers will also help share the results driven by our town hall actions with all the groups, as well as with national partners, so that we can keep piling on the pressure and back each other up across the country BECAUSE IT’S WORKING.
Open to all. Local activist groups of any sort, including students chapters, HIV and other social service providers, health professionals, direct-action affinity groups, Indivisible chapters, successors to Pantsuit Nation, labor groups, faith-based advocates–anyone who wants to fight for health justice!
PLEASE COMMENT BELOW if you can commit to joining us this weekend and bringing other people from your groups. Handfuls of birddoggers around the country have changed the course of history before. Together, we can do this!
(And please mention what the best day and times is for you this Saturday or Sunday)

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