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Kathryn Norris (305) 587-1964

“Activist Training Seminar March 16, 2017”

Key West, Florida – The Florida Keys Indivisibles invites you to pack a brown-bag lunch and come get energized and empowered for the fight ahead this Thursday at 12 Noon at the Key West Public Library, 700 Fleming Street, Key West, FL 33040.

Paul Davis, an experienced trainer and organizer, a veteran of ACT UP NY and ACT UP Philly, and currently working with Housing Works (the nation’s largest AIDS service and activist organization,) is helping set up a nationwide network of people who are linked up, trained up, and ready to get face-time with their Members of Congress at in-district town halls and other public meetings. And when our elected officials are failing to hold public meetings, his team will help us develop additional 2.0 strategies to get to them and make them respond to our communities needs.

Do you want to fight for health justice, improving the ACA, and affordable medicine for everyone everywhere? Can you join other local activists for 2 hours on Thursday, March 16th, in Key West?

This 2-hour intensive workshop will focus on actions local citizens can take to shutdown the current House ACA replacement Bill as well as training on “birddogging”, a proven activist tactic, forged and perfected in the early and ugly days of the AIDS epidemic, used to influence elected officials.

The organizers will follow-up by tracking calendars of town hall events and other opportunities and let us know when we have a chance locally to speak truth to power. They will also make sure that once groups are trained, they are in touch with each other when there is an event coming up and can coordinate. Organizers will also help share the results driven by our town hall actions with all the groups, as well as with national partners, so that we can keep piling on the pressure and back each other up across the country.

Don’t get burned out. Fuel up, fight back!

**Local activist groups of any sort are welcome–anyone who wants to fight for justice!**

The network is focused on face-to-face contact with elected officials, is open to all, and is collaborating with many of the (rapidly growing!) number of groups in fields advocating for health care for all. We will also build relationships with in-district Congressional staff and communicate with them regularly. We are most effective when we make these demands directly and publicly to our elected officials at their public meetings, while also building regular relationships with them and their staff in-district. Come learn how.

“We’re not just fighting to protect the ACA from repeal–we are going to win the ACA we should have had in the first place. ACA replacement must cover *more* people, and with *less* out-of-pocket costs, and with no reductions in benefits, preventative policies, or protections for preexisting conditions. We need affordable medicine for everyone, everywhere!” We’re already slowing down the dangerous drive to repeal the ACA with no replacement–but we need to move fast.

Join us on Thursday and bring others from your group. Handfuls of birddoggers around the country have changed the course of history before. Together, we can do this! We must stand together, indivisible we all win. For more information please visit or


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