We live in such a special place! Thanks to all who organized & participated.BIG…

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We live in such a special place! Thanks to all who organized & participated.

BIG thanks & LOVE to our Leadership Committee, our Issue Marshals, and YOU for stepping up to make all of this POSSIBLE! Having a creative, motivated, and productive TEAM guiding us makes this movement stronger every day. WOW Martha Hooten, Marky Pierson, Florence Nebbout, & WonderDog Productions & Design amaze us every time with their generosity and creativity! THANK YOU Florida Keys Area Captain Natalia Duke, Website Media Marshal Martha Hooten, Lead Issue Marsha a.k.a “The Enforcer” Debra Bertolini, On-call support Jamie Mattingly, Communications Marshal Lizzy Hoke, and to our dedicated Issue Marshals: Kathryn Norris, Samantha Reynolds, Monroe Holloway III, Alison Higgins, Ruth Antonowich, and Peggy Ward-Grant. **And big shoutout to Carolyn Sullivan / the Bottlecap who have been beyond generous and kind allowing us to use their space for our meetings! Emma Collum and my Women’s March – Florida Chapter #perSisters Lakey Love- You make all of this POSSIBLE! ** Giancarlo Espinosa your drone footage is AMAZING–BIG THANKS!
ENJOY & SHARE! #womensmarchflorida #womensmarchfl #DayWithoutAWoman #whyistrke #istrikefor #OneHumanFamily #PERSIST

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