Well, our Congresscrook is a slithering liar who WILL LOSE HIS SEAT in 2018, but…

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Well, our Congresscrook is a slithering liar who WILL LOSE HIS SEAT in 2018, but I thought I would share details of a conference call some local badasses had with Curbelo’s assistant in Key West, Nicole, and our attempts to put his feet to the fire (never a waste) yesterday. The main point of posting this is to show that 1 we’re stronger together and 2 where are the darkest spots we can use to show what a slimy, lying liar Curbelo is and why he needs to GO. Now you’ve got us passionately networking, Rep. Carlos Curbelo. Good job.

(if anyone who was on the call has any edits for this, please contact me. That includes you, Nicole.)

On the call with Curbelo’s assistant was a local KW architect and small business owner, two locals who are among the thousands employed in the gig-economy in KW, two directors at a large full service AIDS Service Organization in Monroe County, a professor at Florida International University, and a resident physician in the Miami area. And me, Amanda.
(I’ll add names as I get permission.)

We began by talking about each of our experiences/interactions/dependence wrt the ACA. One of the local women was covered for a complicated injury and a lengthy recovery under her parents’ insurance because she’s under 26.
The AIDS service provider talked about the deeper risk levels their clients struggle with (pre-existing conditions, multiple diagnoses, etc.) Bill worried about his Medicare and also the coverage of his part-time laborers.

We voiced our concern that on average 300,000 people in each congressional district (out of an average of 700-800,000 total people in each district) would lose protections guaranteed by the current legislation with regards to pre-existing conditions. Another 78,500 people in the Florida 26th district will lose coverage outright. We told Nicole to tell the congressman we were extremely skeptical that the Upton Amendment would fix any of that (it won’t.)

Nicole told us that the reason why the $8bil allocated by the Upton Amendment was so small was because this money will be needed by very few. She said to fall into the unprotected hole, people would have to have a pre-existing condition, and also let their coverage lapse, and also live in a state that is granted a waiver for the protection of people pre-existing conditions. The ASO pointed out that that describes most of their clients. People who struggle with poverty and homelessness are sure to have lapses in coverage. Also, hello, of course Florida is going to get a waiver.

Nicole said that another reason why the $8bil is so low is that after a year, ppl wouldn’t be in the lapsed coverage category anymore so they wouldn’t need that assistance. We pointed out that when those people are sent back to the marketplace, they’ll likely face higher premiums.

The ASO also mentioned that past experiments with high-risk and low-income pools haven’t worked out well for anyone (service providers or patients) and that it’s truly not the same thing as offering people coverage. Nicole didn’t know anything about the provisions for high risk pools, but said the congressman wanted to provide for low-income pools. Said she’d look into it and also tell him about our concerns.

Someone (sorry, guys. April maybe?) mentioned that premiums for older Floridians will skyrocket. That got an mmhmm.

Nicole told us that the ban on lifetime caps was still in place (fact check on that now?)

Nicole’s answer to pretty much everything was, “Congressman Curbelo is still doing research, still gathering info, he’s still undecided.” We asked why he would even consider voting on something there were so many questions about and there hadn’t even been a CBO done yet.

Her freaking answer to this was “even if this bill passes in the house today (and I’m not saying his vote will be a yes,) it still has to go to the Senate and then come back to the House, so it’s likely that the bill will change many more times.” WHAT. Yeah, dude, we know how the passing of a bill works. We made it clear that A YES VOTE FROM CURBELO TODAY WILL BE A YES VOTE WE WON’T FORGET. Let’s keep that promise.

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