The #ivote4health campaign is ready to launch. We need everyone’s help to make …

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The #ivote4health campaign is ready to launch. We need everyone’s help to make it a success! 💪😊

RIGHT NOW: Sign up for the Thunderclap campaign. When you sign up, you agree to allow Thunderclap to post instructions about the #ivote4health campaign to your social media at 12pm on June 21st. Our voices are louder together, but we need at least 100 people to sign up in order for the campaign to launch… and right now we’re only at 31.

Between Now and Wednesday: Talk to your friends and colleagues about #ivote4health, and encourage them to participate as well! Send them the thunderclap, the infographic (attached), and/or the website.📲

On Wednesday, June 21st: #shareyourhealthcarestory about why you vote for health! Record a short video following the script outlined on the infographic (attached) and on the website. Upload and share your video including the hashtags #ivote4heatlh and #shareyourhealthcarestory. If you use twitter, be sure to @mention Senators Rubio and Nelson.📱💫

Again, we need each and every person in this group to promote and participate in this campaign in order for it to be effective. If you would like to see some examples of videos that will be posted on Wednesday, you can watch our group’s own Danny Salzverg’s video on the campaign website. I have also included the clip of Alexi Berry who’s involved in the Women’s March Healthcare Committee!

Thank you for all of your ideas and the hard work that it took to organize this campaign. Let’s all do our part to make it a success! #Persist

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